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Aloha, It's so nice to meet you [or see you again]! 

I'm Shanni & I'm passionate about loving my body, my story & myself. 


Through enduring my intense self hatred that sprang from diet culture inundation and a tide of images of bodies that looked like nothing like mine, I ended up struggling with various boundless eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia + orthorexia before eventually overcorrecting and totally giving up on myself to eat the over processed, convenience diet that my ex-husband preferred.


That made me lethargic, lazy and depressed. I didn't recognize myself at all in my quest to please God by submitting to my husband and his desires. My self disgust soared to the point of begging God to take me in my sleep.  


I've seen myself be 'too fat' at 107 lbs and 12% body fat; and, I've loathed myself all the way up to 270 lbs. My confidence came from the letters and numbers in my closet; so, when the polyester pyramid crashed, I knew that I was going to have to dig deep to uproot my demons if I was going to stand a chance at really finding lasting happiness in *this* life.  


My life before becoming the trophy wife was spent helping people heal using an integrative root cause approach. My education is in massage therapy, holistic nutrition and personal training. In my darkest hour, I knew that my body wanted me to treat it like I had all my clients - with unconditional love, honor, respect + application of knowledge.


I committed to fueling, building, protecting and resting it. It's my goal to empower you to do the same for your body. You deserve it, Babe!


So, we'll talk about using food to fuel + heal, movements to increase freedom, living for holistic health and how to look fabulous while doing it all; because, let's be real - I am still obsessed with clothes

Girl, I got you 😘

I'm so glad that you're here, grateful to get to call you friend + cannot express fully how thankful I am for your continued support 🖤

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